Tony Mckenzie Live
Tony Mckenzie One of Tony's more recent album's is a project called Eniac - this album is a take on Scientific practice and theory applied to the digital world.

The result is an album with a specific style - mainly written on and Engl E670 Special Edition - click for more. ...

you won't be disappointed with this - it's a modern style developed over many years and the Engl can be heard throughout the tracks.

Whether detuned, or regular tuning is your thing, it's all on this album - take a listen and see if you agree.

Line6 XT and Engl - just how good is it?
Line 6 XT POD Pro LIVE There's nothing like emulation - it's the truest flattery
But does this hold out for a Digital Modelling floor pedal against the real deal tube amps - find out below?
No one really thought I would compare a bit of silicon with a REAL Tube amp did they?

Well you were right - I'm going to! The Hype surrounding these type of equipment is amazing - if you believe the stories no one would ever buy another Tube amp would they? So what's the score - are we being taken over by silicon implants (did I get that right?) - read on...


I come from the world of computers - and it's true they bring amazing results with them to most things they are applied to. But TUBE amp emulation?

Consider this - many of the finest effects units (TC Electronic included) use silicon and program internally to the unit to enhance the sound we all end up listening to. Have you noticed? The truth is, that this outboard kit is now so good that if we went back to older outboard then you would be shocked at just how bad it used to be - before the silicon came around.

So should I be shocked at this latest foray of the computer - whatever next - hopefully they will replace women one day J it's the results of these little pedal boards that should really shock - the cost is low and the quality is up - a recipe for all amp makers to go to the resting place in the sky? Clearly not, amp makers continue to expand not just survive!

It's down to the comparisons - check out this comparison between a Line6 XT POD Live and an Engl E670 and see whose your favourite...

The Line6 XT POD Live Floor Pedal

Line6 XT Live  Clean Engl E670 Amp Clean
Line6 XT Live Clean Picked Engl E670 Amp Clean Picked
Line6 XT Live Crunch Engl E670 Amp Crunch
Line6 XT Live Crunch Picked Engl E670 Amp Crunch Picked
Line6 XT Live L1 Rhythm Engl E670 Amp L1 Rhythm
Line6 XT Live L1 Picked Engl E670 Amp L1 Picked
Line6 XT Live L2 Rhythm Engl E670 Amp L2 Rhythm
Line6 XT Live L2 Picked Engl E670 Amp L2 Picked
N/A Engl E670 Amp L1 Bottom End

Click HERE to listen about the Pod XT Live Pedal

Click HERE to listen about the way we tested.

The XT Pod in my view is probably as good as it gets - there's Digitech, Boss (yuk) - even Behringer are getting in on the action. Top names - but is that what it's down to? - NAMES.. I don't think so.

And probably neither will you when you listen to these direct comparisons. The Line6 XT Live went through that same Marshall setup which is tested elsewhere on this site and even the Marshall is a wonderful sound - but not with this Line6 coming through it.

Better you be the judge - I MUST be biased? Either way, the sounds are above and you can readily compare. We really did try to get the best sound out of the Line6 unit....

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