Tony Mckenzie Live
Tony Mckenzie One of Tony's more recent album's is a project called Eniac - this album is a take on Scientific practice and theory applied to the digital world.

The result is an album with a specific style - mainly written on and Engl E670 Special Edition - click for more. ...

you won't be disappointed with this - it's a modern style developed over many years and the Engl can be heard throughout the tracks.

Whether detuned, or regular tuning is your thing, it's all on this album - take a listen and see if you agree.

Engl Amplifiers - Models

Engl make many fine Amps
Checkout these guys - they really are as good as I say - and I'm pretty choosy who I plug in to J
Engl Amps have been around for a long time, and if I remember correctly they were the first with a Digitally controlled amp - I could be wrong, so if I am, aw shucks who cares...

The fact is though, the Engl is a today brand - they make amps from the small 1x12 combo right through the Fireball, Power ball, Ritchie Blackmore Signature edition, the E670 as on this site and a great digitally controlled preamp - they've probably got just the right thing for you too! Anyway - here's the info and if you want more go to

E670 Special Edition EL34 or 6L6

Download the Manual


A universe of sound in a single amp. 6 basic sounds and 24 switchable sound options to store in 128 Midi presets.

From Crystal Clean to Texas crunch to pounding Rock, from fat Metal punch to screaming Leads.
100 watts of mega power – It doesn’t get much better.


Savage 120 E610

SAVAGE 120 E 610

The Savage 120, set new standards with its unique sounds in modern Rock music. Fast response and attack plus punchy headroom & dynamics are the trademarks of this working horse.

4 basic sounds plus lots of handy features make the Savage 120 the premium choice to be the heart of a modern Rock rig.


Ritchie Blackmore Model

Ritchie Blackmore Signature E 650

Perfectly designed for the sound desires of guitar hero RITCHIE BLACKMORE. Based on the successful Savage technology, this amp delivers perfect performance matched, fine tuned sounds from clean, crunch to high gain lead.

A wide range of killer tones in an exceptionally easy to handle package: A sound fanatic’s dream come true.


Powerball E645


No compromise, ultra low end, versatile ROCK/METAL amp. 4 channels lead to where no ENGL amp has gone before.

From crystal clean to crispy crunch – tight fat rhythm to punchy lead sounds in conjunction with low bottom end. Rich harmonics and fast attack delivered by special built transformers to cut through on any stage or recording situation.



Fireball E625


2 channel – NO THRILLS JUST TONE – amp, designed for modern heavy Rock.

Sparkling clean- and soaring lead sounds combined with supersonic punch and tight response in an easy to handle power package.

Hearing is believing.



Engl Classic Head E355C

Classic Head E 355 C

If you like to play with warm shimmering clean sounds and want to cut through with a warm fat sustain
singing lead tone make the right choice to rely on our Classic Head. The amp delivers sound-scapes appreciated by Jazz players, Blues rockers and any other guitarist who likes raunchy sounds. Beneath up to date features like fx loop and channel switching the Classic head delivers 100 % convincing vintage tube tones.


Engl Screamer Head E335


If you want to play smashing rock with tamed gain, this should be the amp of your choice.

Killing tube tone and incredible handling ease are the trademarks of this amp-line. Sparkling clean, harmonic crunch and powerful leads are the goodies you’ll get from our SCREAMER.


Engl Thunder 50 Head E325


The basic concept of the THUNDER series was just to strip the handling to the bone but deliver convincing sounds.

There you go, these handy little workhorses will do any gig.


Engl Midi Tube Preamp - E580


Full MIDI controllable, full MIDI switchable, Computer programmable with included software: 40 factory presets with the best ENGL sounds ever, 10 clean, crunch, rhythm & lead sounds each, will take you to the Tone Zone and back with the flick of a MIDI switch. 256 MIDI presets plus 256 „shadow“ presets plus recording compensated outputs.


Engl Special Edition Preamp E570


The preamp section of the famous E 670 head. 6 basic sounds and 8 switchable sound options to store in 128 Midi presets.

From Crystal clean through smooth Jazz, from Texas crunch to pounding Rock, from fat Metal- Punch rhythm to screaming Leads. Get ready to Rack ’n’ Roll.



Engl 4x12 Slanted Cab - Modern Sounding.

4 x 12" Standard Straight (E 412 SG) or
Slanted (E 412 SS)

Less midrange, full bass response, silken treble.

Very modern sounding.


Of course there is much more of the Engl kit - but I don't want to rewrite their site - it's a good one - you should visit them if you need more info - just go to

I hope you gain from this little preview of the Engl kit - it's been fun writing this section - actually, I just used their words and pics - I'm getting a little idle these days J


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