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Tony Mckenzie One of Tony's more recent album's is a project called Eniac - this album is a take on Scientific practice and theory applied to the digital world.

The result is an album with a specific style - mainly written on and Engl E670 Special Edition - click for more. ...

you won't be disappointed with this - it's a modern style developed over many years and the Engl can be heard throughout the tracks.

Whether detuned, or regular tuning is your thing, it's all on this album - take a listen and see if you agree.

Engl E670 Sounds
Sounds from the Gods.
The E670 is an Enigma - on the one hand there are sounds from yesterday - and on the other there are sounds achievable  like from no other amp you can buy.
I have taken some of the tracks and sounds that I have recently recorded on the Engl E670 amp and duplicated them in this section of the website.

It's always difficult to get to KNOW what an amp sounds like unless you play through one with your own guitar and mess around a while to get to know the product. In my case - I never played through an Engl before buying the E670 - a leap of faith on my part, but I listened to as many users on CD before buying so I knew what I was getting for the price.


Sounds are a personal thing - so if you don't like these sounds or tracks I don't really mind - but they should at least give you an insight in to the output from the Engl E670 Special Edition amp.

You can also hear the difference with a Marshall cab as well as a Engl 4x12 V60 and the difference is definitely there make no mistake.

Throughout my period with the Engl E670 I have tended to detune 6th down to D - this lets the Engl do what it's best at - heavy, bowel wrenching bottom end (you could use a baritone guitar or tune even lower) which if pushed on this amp will probably be too much for you - even if you're the latest death metal hog in the world.

Listen carefully to the sounds below and make your own mind up.

All tracks are & A B Mckenzie 2006. Don't abuse this right.


Engl E670 with Marshall Cab Engl E670 with Engl V60 Cab
Engl E670 Amp Clean Engl E670 Amp Clean
Engl E670 Amp Clean Picked Engl E670 Amp Clean Picked
Engl E670 Amp Crunch Engl E670 Amp Crunch
Engl E670 Amp Crunch Picked Engl E670 Amp Crunch Picked
Engl E670 Amp L1 Rhythm Engl E670 Amp L1 Rhythm
Engl E670 Amp L1 Picked Engl E670 Amp L1 Picked
Engl E670 Amp L2 Rhythm Engl E670 Amp L2 Rhythm
Engl E670 Amp L2 Picked Engl E670 Amp L2 Picked
Not Tested. Engl E670 Amp L1 Bottom End

Click HERE to listen about the Engl Setup Used.

Click HERE to listen about the Engl-Marshall Setup Used.

Click HERE to listen about the way we tested.

A Cab won't make that much difference I hear you say. Listen for yourself to the above comparisons - all equipment was the same, the guitar, the lead, the amp (no effects) and even the player. But the one difference was the Cab.

On the left was the Engl-Marshall cab marriage, and on the right of the table was the Engl-Engl setup.

I thought that the Engl cab was of a much higher quality build than the Marshall cab - but to be fair, the Engl costs more money. The Engl cab was actually bigger from front to back, which I felt gave more (much more) bottom end to the Engl Amp/Cab setup.

The Marshall cab when used with the Engl amp gave off a more 'toppy' sound without the same bottom end that the Engl cab exuded all the time.

If you are looking for a 'toppy' sound to cut through then the Marshall cab would probably do. But if you want to hear and Engl amp do what it was made for (heavy rock in my view) then there is simply not a choice - second best matches are ok for a while, but in the end you want the real deal - and the Engl cab is it!

This comparison is quite useful and it does show the very noticeable differences when comparing the sounds in this way. I don't know many who have bothered to go to these lengths, but maybe others will follow in my footsteps - it's a worthwhile comparison which I hope you all gain from.

No Logic Takedown
Quantum E Timeport
Berner St Outtake  All (c) 2004/5/6 A B Mckenzie.

Tracks are enabled occasionally for download - you'll have to come back to get more! Bookmark this page....

The above tracks show a comparison of my music both with and without Engl - I'll leave you to figure out which track was or was not recorded with the Engl Amp. I also used Marshall and Mesa kit but which is which?

Please note that each track above is up to 4Mb to download - they are all worth the wait but could take a while if you're not on broadband.

Please do NOT distribute these tracks they are for listening on this site only - this is the ONLY licence you are granted. All Tracks are  
A. B. Mckenzie 2003/4/5/6.

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