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Engl gives you BALLS!
A Users view of the Engl E670
Tony and Engl Special Edition
Find out about
  Tony Mckenzie
Engl E670 Special Edition.
Find out why this amp is top of the line from Engl and more top musicians are using them  - the best kept secret in the music business!  ...
Check out how I use this amp and EXACTLY how it sounds.
There is some seriously good sounds from the E670 and many other Engl Amps check them out on this site. ...
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I have dedicated this site to the ENGL brand of Amplifiers - made in Germany. These Guitar amps
are probably some of the best kept secrets in the world - loads of guys use Marshall and
Mesa Bogie etc etc - but once you have played through one of these great Amps then you
are likely to stick with these for a very long time. Surprisingly, the top end models cost MORE than
Mesa Boogie - so ask yourself why. Once you plug in you will KNOW why...

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